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The SIC attended sessions of the Committee on Consumer Policy and meetings of its working parties - OECD

Dic 19, 2016

The Director of Investigations on Consumer Protection, Mrs. María Carolina Corcione Morales, attended the “92° Session of the Committee on Consumer Policy (CCP)” and the “13° Session of the Working Party on Consumer Product Safety (WPCPS)” of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), on behalf of the SIC. These meetings took place in Paris, France, from November 7 to 10 of 2016.

The participation of the SIC had great importance, since Colombia already obtained the approval of the OECD in terms of consumer protection, and one of the duties that derive from that is to keep participating actively in the activities this Committee promotes. Moreover, the participation in these events allows us to know best practices related to consumer protection, and strengthen inter-institutional relations with OECD members. It should be noted that this session of the CCP was focused on the implementation of the new Recommendations for Consumer Protection in the Context of Trade, and the WPCPS session focused on discussing future projects to be undertaken on product safety online.

Mrs. Corcione has maintained direct communication with the different members of the OECD and has represented the SIC before the WPCPS in several occasions, that is why her participation was essential. In addition, because of her role as Director, she is aware of the most important proceedings that are being conducted in the SIC for the alleged violations of the current provisions on consumer protection. Therefore, during her interventions, she presented the status of the country in this matter and reported the progresses we have achieved as a consumer protection authority.