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The SIC participated in a training on bid rigging organized by the OECD in Argentina

Dic 19, 2016

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), along with the National Commission of Competition Defense of Argentina, held specialized workshops from November 8-9 in Buenos Aires, in order to discuss policies and best practices to reduce bid rigging in public procurement.

The organizers invited Mr. Juan Pablo Herrera Saavedra, Head of the Economic Studies Working Group, to participate as a speaker in these workshops and make presentations about the risks that public procurement must face nowadays and the work that the SIC has performed in Colombia to reduce such risks - in terms of competition.

The participation of the SIC in these workshops was very important, since it demonstrated that competition authorities of the region see Colombia as a reference because of its good results in its fight against cartels. It was also a great opportunity to share good practices and important experiences on the enforcement of competition law, and was a good chance to strengthen our cooperation bonds with counterpart authorities.